Bringing the highest quality private Dental treatments to Tavistock

Dental Hygienist in Tavistock

At Andrew Brown Dental we believe in providing a dental hygienist service that’s second to none. Our team of dental hygienists in Tavistock have an important role in our patients oral health. Prevention is always better than a cure, this couldn’t be more true for dental health.

Our team of professionally trained and highly qualified dental hygienists have extensive experience delivering the expert dental hygiene procedures of the highest quality. Our team includes Sarah Parker RDH ( GDC No.4463 ), Emma Saunders RDH (GDC No. 3508),  Julie Green RDH (GDC No. 5500) and Alison Dawson BSC DHT (GDC No. 17482).

Our dental hygienists are regulated by The General Dental Council and work under the direct supervision of our dentists.

Direct Access Hygienist Appointments

We are pleased to offer direct access hygienist appointments that are available to all ages. Direct access means that no referral from a dentist is needed and you can make full use of our hygienist facility independently to seeing our dentists.

Our Dental Hygiene Services

By having your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist periodically, you  can prevent cavities, reduce plaque, and prevent tooth decay. Additionally, during your appointment your dental hygienist will examine your mouth for abnormalities. Ensuring any potential issue is caught quickly and reduce the need for ongoing treatments.

If  you require any information and guidance about manual or electric toothbrushes, brushing techniques, interdental cleaning, and what can help with reducing plaque & calculus (tartar) and staining, then our Dental Hygienists are always happy to ring or email you. This is a commit to all our patients helping you achieve healthier oral hygiene. 


At Andrew Brown Dental we provide a range of dental hygiene services for all, including:

Fissure Sealants

As our teeth develop they are covered with tiny pits and fissures, these areas perfect breeding ground for decay causing bacteria.  An effective preventative approach to address this is to place an invisible fluoride coating onto these nooks and crannies to strengthen and protect the teeth against holes and decay developing as we grow.

After a prescription from the dentist our team of qualified dental hygienists can place these sealants in a pain free and simple procedure that is usually done alongside a routine hygienist appointment.

The dentist will be able to detect any areas or teeth they feels may benefit from this preventative measure at routine dental examinations.

Free Oral Hygiene Advice

Patients of all ages benefit from this complimentary service.

All our qualified nurses have undergone post graduate qualifications and further training in delivering thorough and detailed oral hygiene advice. This involves advice on; gum disease, tooth decay, better tooth brushing techniques, tooth and gum friendly food and drink, flossing and interdental cleaning (in-between the teeth), gum health, and help with giving up smoking.

Free oral hygiene talks are available to all patients and non patients of any age.  Vicky and Kate also can be booked to visit schools, nurseries and care homes to give talks and demonstrations on oral hygiene and general care of teeth and gums.