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General dentistry services in Tavistock

At Andrew Brown Dental we are proud to offer general dentistry services in Tavistock that cover a range of treatment and procedures to protect and maintain your overall dental health.

We are fully committed to operating in the highest ethical manner.  Each of our patients are unique, and we treat them as such.  You will only be provided with the professional dentistry services that you require. No more, No less.

A General dentistry service  typically involves the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and management of a wide range of dental problems.  Here at Andrew Brown Dental, we know how important your teeth are to you. That’s why we make sure you get the best dentistry in Tavistock and the surrounding areas.

Our team of dentist’s in Tavistock have extensive experience to provide you with the personalised care you need. Our team includes:

  • Andrew Brown B.D.S. Bristol 81, Principal Dentist. GDC: 55827
  • Carys Lock B.D.S. Cardiff 2013. GDC: 244731
  • Thomas Brew B.D.S. Peninsula 2014. GDC: 251922
  • Ksenija Zimnikova D.D.S. Riga Stradins Latvia, 2003. GDC: 181902
  • Donna McCormick B.D.S. Cardiff, 2003. GDC: 115379

Dental Examinations

An important part of maintaining your dental health is routine dental “Check up” examinations. This dental examination is an overall evaluation of your teeth and gums to determine your oral health. It gives you peace of mind about your dental health. At our dental practice we are proud to have five dentists within our team, so you can be sure you will be able get a dentist in Tavistock when you need it the most.

Preventive Dental treatments

Preventive treatments help to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues before they become serious.  The most common dental issues result from decay and gum disease, which are preventable with the correct treatment. Working alongside with our dentists are our professional team of dental hygienists who will make sure your dental health is the best it can be.

Restorative Dental Treatments

When a dental issue arises, restorative treatment may be necessary. Depending on your situation, it could be a simple fix  or something that needs a little more attention. At Andrew Brown Dental we’re here for you. Here are some of the services that we offer

Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are used to save a tooth that has become infected. During this procedure, the infected tooth is removed and the nerve is treated. This is usually required when there is a fracture in the tooth or if the tooth has been severely damaged by decay.

Crown & onlays

If you have a broken or heavily damaged/decayed tooth it may require more than one filling to restore it. In this instance a full cuspal coverage in the form of crown or onlay may be suggested. These are lab made restorations usually using zirconia or emax, sometimes gold is fixed onto your own tooth to protect it from further damage. If your dentist feels you require this type of treatment they will discuss the procedure in detail at your appointment. 

Tooth extraction

Sometimes a tooth becomes so damaged or decayed that it must be removed. This is usually done to prevent further damage to the tooth or the surrounding tissues.


Fillings are used to cover up the gaps left by decayed or broken teeth. They can either be amalgam (silver) or composite tooth coloured resin. Amalgam fillings are popular because they are easy to place and take on the shape of the tooth.


When a tooth is missing, a bridge can be used. A crown is attached to each end of two natural teeth. It serves as an artificial tooth to replace the missing one.